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Farm-Fresh Honey

We’ve recently added an apiary to Quail Run Farm’s acreage! With 30 hives buzzing about (for those counting, that's about 600,000 honeybees), there will be lots to learn, appreciate, and savor about having these pollinators on the farm. These bees turn nectar and pollen from the farm's wildflowers and trees into sweet and sticky honey–a normal day’s work for the bees, a miracle to us! 


The wildflower pollen gives this honey a deep amber hue, as well as a whole host of health benefits. By leaving the honey raw and unfiltered, we make sure that it's naturally-occurring antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents remain in the bottle. 

You can shop our 100% Pure, Raw, and Natural Wildflower Honey at our on-farm market or online 

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please email us at!

Quail Run Farm Wildflower Honey
"Before" of our hives


"After" of our hives


Earlier this spring, our friends at Wauhatchie Forest School came out to help us handpaint all of our brood boxes. Check out the before and after of the neighborhood of hives our bees call home!

A special thanks also goes out to Mark Chesnutt (pictured), our bee-extraordinaire, who is helping manage our apiary!

Making &
our Hives

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